LAURI LYONS  Flag Series
Factory Workers
Digital Archival Print
16 x 20" 40.64 x 50.8 cm

"What America means to me. It means my right to say what I want. The freedom to reach out to other people. I really love America."

"I think that America is a great country to live in. But the government is more communist than Cuba. The government needs to start taking care of it's own people, than worrying about taking care of people in other countries. I think the government needs to take care of America's problems frist before worrying about what's going on elsewhere. Then America would be a better place. About racism and sexuality. Me myself being a homosexual male in this country. You get a lot of hate from other people. That make you feel worthless. Maybe one day this country would straighten up. All the violence and racism and hate needs to stop. So we can all live in a better world."

"America is a beautiful place to live, but people who are haters and evil make it bad."
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